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The Dilemma of Coding Mental Health

October 05, 2021 Timothy Powell, CPA | Laurie M. Johnson MS | H. Steven Moffic, MD | Stanley Nachimson, MS | Ellen Fink-Samnick | Erica Remer MD Season 11 Episode 479
Talk Ten Tuesdays
The Dilemma of Coding Mental Health
Show Notes

The COVID-19 pandemic rages on, exposing huge gaps in America’s vulnerable healthcare system, posing life-or-death questions that tear at our collective subconsciousness.

There’s also the constant drumbeat of headline news: vaccination mandates versus personal freedom, for example. Are two shots sufficient, or are three better? Should young children be vaccinated or not? With staff shortages and the rationing of care, who gets an inpatient bed and who doesn’t?

Today, as never before, mental stress is the new norm. And with the pandemic pandemonium comes the annual National Mental Health Awareness Week, sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI). At this intersection is the tragic reality that millions of Americans are living with some form of mental health condition.

Reporting on mental health during the next edition of Talk Ten Tuesdays will be Dr. H. Steven Moffic, an award-winning author who is considered by many to be among America’s most prominent psychiatrists.

The live broadcast will also feature these other segments:

  • The Coding Report: In keeping with the broadcast’s theme, Laurie Johnson will report on the new psychiatric codes for fiscal year 2022.
  • Tuesday Focus: Author and consultant Ellen Fink-Samnick will return to the broadcast to report on workplace trauma, noting how trauma has gripped the national workforce, with an intense collective induced stress felt by professionals, patients, and then experienced by frontline practitioners.
  • RegWatch: Stanley Nachimson, former Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) career professional-turned-well-known healthcare IT authority, will report on the latest regulatory news coming out of Washington, D.C.
  • News Desk: Timothy Powell, compliance expert and ICD10monitor national correspondent, will anchor the Talk Ten Tuesdays News Desk.
  • TalkBack: Erica Remer, MD, founder and president of Erica Remer, MD, Inc., and Talk Ten Tuesdays co-host, will report on a subject that has caught her attention during her popular segment.