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Cost Efficiency with the CMS Merit-Based Incentive Payment System

July 19, 2022 Timothy Powell, CPA | Laurie M. Johnson, MS, RHIA | John Zelem, MD | Christel Kemble, RN | James S. Kennedy, MD | Terry A. Fletcher, BS, CPC Season 12 Episode 515
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Cost Efficiency with the CMS Merit-Based Incentive Payment System
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With the recent announcement of the 2023 Physician Fee Schedule, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) remains committed to encouraging and incentivizing cost efficiency by providers. Physicians electing to participate in the CMS Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) will experience +/-9 percent impact in their traditional Medicare reimbursement based on their performance, 30 percent (2.7 percent of the total) of which is derived from cost efficiency based solely on claims data.

During the next live edition of Talk Ten Tuesday, James S. Kennedy MD, will briefly review these MIPS inpatient and outpatient episode models, including screening colonoscopies, cataract surgery, knee and hip replacements, and many others that are being assessed, all of which make a coder’s and CDI specialist’s job more important than ever.For further information, you can hear Dr. Kennedy speak on this subject at the AAPC Regional HEALTHCON being held in Denver on August 4, 2022; learn more at

The live broadcast will also feature these other segments:

  • Coding Report: Laurie Johnson, senior healthcare consultant with Revenue Cycle Solutions, LLC will report on the latest coding news.

  • Tuesday Focus: PSIs, Providers and Queries: Christel Kemble, the PSI/HAC consultant for Covenant HIM, will report on the recent study concerning the Hospital-Acquired Condition (HAC) reduction program.

  • News Desk: Timothy Powell, CPA, a consultant with Besler, will anchor the Talk Ten Tuesdays News Desk.

  • Journaling John: John Zelem, MD, FACS, founder and CEO for Streamline Solutions Consulting, will continue with his next journal entry.

  • Point of View: Terry Fletcher, a guest cohost who will be substituting for Dr. Erica Remer, will report on a subject that has appeared on her radar screen.
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